Hey there,


Firstly I want to say thanks for making your way to learn more about me. My name is Jay and I'm a photographer. Born and raised in London, based in Manchester, but my work fortunately takes me everywhere.


I'm inspired by people and the stories they bring me, and, like many of you reading this, I have a love of music so you'll notice the majority of my subjects tend to be linked to music and its industry, usually shooting with artists. My photography style is editorial, mainly focused on storytelling and emotions through portraits. I capture and create all sorts of visual media, from documentary and BTS to live performances.


If you enjoy having conversations about creativity, the highs and lows of life and anything else in between I reckon we'll get along pretty well - if so, feel free to get in touch!


So, on that note, bring your ideas, bring your stories and let's shoot together.